Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday TAGS 8-24-09

Well since I started this last Friday, and mentioned my immense fondness of Andy Griffith (thanks to my awesome family!), I thought I might try to give you a little dose of TAGS (The Andy Griffith Show, for all you newbies) each week if I can. We'll see how that goes.

This is a video from Youtube of one of my favorite songs sung by The Darlings on the show. There are a lot I'd love to show you right now, but if I'm going to make it weekly, I'm going to have to be patient and stretch it out. :-) In the meantime, this truly is one of my favorites, and an extremely beautiful song (warning - it is bluegrass, fyi for all you who are not so fond of the twang). The Dillards (the guys who make up the instrumentalists in the Darling family) also do their own version where one of the men sings, but I just love this version with Charlene singing so much better. It's very moving, and the music is beautiful.

And, in the midst of the song and its mood, I love how they keep a little humor with Briscoe crying, even though he's trying to "fight it."

Well that's it for now. Let me know if TAGS Fridays is gonna be Andy Griffith overload on ya, or if you vote a thumbs up for it. :-) Me and my congested head are going to take some Benadryl and get some sleep. Going to a bridal shower for my cousin Liz tomorrow, and I get to see my family tomorrow and Sunday! Not much better than that. :-) (Especially since it's FINALLY the weekend!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonk on Your Nose

I found a good program on this computer to use for the videos, so hopefully that'll make it easier to get videos up and running on here. It certainly made today's a lot easier! At least I know now for the future to change my camera settings to not HD quality, haha, if I want to be able to post a video online, unless I want to go through the process on the computer, which still isn't that bad. (Sorry about the quality though - it kind of lost some detail in bits of the videos.)

So this first video is one of my favorites from the day spent with all the Ezzells. We'd finished eating, and it was that time when everyone just kind of hangs around and chats, which can often turn into the most meaningful part of a get-together, in my opinion. And it's when the funniest things happen. :-) We were all sitting around, scattered through the living room and dining room. Mr. Kaden was being a total ham and stealing the show, which we all totally enjoyed. I don't remember how it started, but he had started a little "pong" on people's noses. And it's so hilarious to me how everybody reacts (including guarding their eyes). He even came up to me at one point behind the camera and did it - haha, he didn't care one bit that he'd been told to look AT the camera. It's so cute when he says "Sarah?" He even got Granddad on the nose, which made us all laugh... and it was incredible to get to see them interacting. Then my brother tried to be a nerd and confuse poor Kaden, but Jacob turned into a softy and learned his lesson in the end. :-)

And these next 2 videos were of the guys shooting basketball... namely of Sir Kaden though, who was, of course, the star of the show. :-) I love to watch his little legs and feet scurrying in the beginning of this one to get the basketball. And, of course, the shooting itself is so cute. Watching it back, I get scared every time at the end at how close the ball looked like it was to coming back down right in his face when he threw it up in the air! But all was ok. Then, the funniest thing to me, which is true in just about any 2 year old, is how his attention diverts right to the sand toys. Basketball - what basketball?

Just a little different view here... I love his determination! I can only imagine how far away that basket must seem, but he keeps on shootin'! Then mean ol' Hayden (j/k) steals the ball and tries to give it back, but Kaden's already forgotten about it. So funny. :-)

(By the way Sydney, I totally understand now about uploading the videos... it takes quite a while! And these are compressed files!!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kaden and Mickey

So, as mentioned before, my cousin's blog got me pretty interested in blogging myself. So what better way to start off my own than highlight the recent visit we got to have with them when they were in town? This will also be great for some people, like my parents, who usually don't get to see photos and video from events unless I take them over and we look at them, since they're not on the social sites.

Here's a funny little video to start with (and the only one small enough to upload until I have some more time to resize and edit, haha)

This was just a small clip of my cousin Sydney's son, Kaden, and his funny reaction to the dogs. Usually he had a little more warning than this, and could keep himself far enough away. But Mickey snuck up on him here, and I happened to have the camera rolling. His face just makes me laugh. :-) Maddy saves him from the oh-so-dangerous doggies, then Mickey proceeds to barrel back down the stairs and run SMACK into me. Haha, I think you even can hear my mom laughing in the background right at the end, as she witnessed the whole thing in full momentum. I just about fell over. Haha, I would say that maybe Mickey learned some manners from Jax (my brother Jacob's dog) from the end of the day... Jax is well-trained, haha, but thinks he's a little lapdog. I have yet to see him run into somebody, but he sure is a goof. So who knows. :-)

I'll post a little more once I have some more time. Sometimes I wish there was more time in the weekday!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


So I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I've read them for a long time, and usually don't even think about the fact that it's somebody's personal blog. My cousin also keeps one, and she's the main reason I've seriously considered one myself, after seeing the benefits of hers and how easy it can be. (Stay tuned for a fun little tribute next time!) So I got to thinking about the different things I could write about, and I think I've come up with some starter ideas. We'll see.

The name... haha, surprisingly, many other people out there consider themselves part of a nut house besides just me, which is why I had to improvise a tad on the domain. The idea actually came to me the other night when I was almost asleep (isn't that when we all do our most clear thinking?). I love garden flags, and I frequent the local Ace Hardware because they always have a great selection. So Jason and I were in there a few weeks ago, and he pointed out one that said "Welcome to the Nut House" with a lovely little squirrel and acorns to match. (More on why he noticed it out of all the others in a moment.) I didn't get the flag that day, but it's been on my mind constantly, just because it matches us so well. So today, as I was gearing up to start my blog, I stopped by there on my way home, and they still had it! You never know, the way those garden flags can come and go... (Mom - make a note, their spring flags are going on sale!) So, here's the lovely inspiration, which is not planned to go outside to weather the elements:

On to why THIS flag... First off, I'm crazy.  I'll go ahead and tell ya that.  I think I have more crazy moments than sane ones.  So do most of the people I'm close to, haha (yall know it).  Second... "Nut" is a term of endearment for me, really. I call Jason a nut all the time. It's also what my Dad gets called when he's acting silly, or my brother when he makes no sense, or my mom when she's spurring on our giggle fests. We're all just crazy, in a good way of course. I can't help it - "Nut" is something that's ingrained in me... from who else but my Daddy. :-) Wanna know where HE got it? One guess is all you should need, come on, guess...

Yes, The Andy Griffith Show. Barney called Ernest T a nut, multiple times, to his face and not to his face. Andy called Barney a nut. Hmm... what else am I forgetting? My most memorable quote is this one:

Andy: If you ask me, this Ernest T. Bass is a strange and weird character.
Briscoe: Just plain ornery is what he is.
Barney: I think he's a nut.

You'd probably have to see it. And all the other TAGS episodes, to get the full endearment effect. Go watch an episode called Mountain Wedding if you never have before... it's a good place to start. :-)

I also have an issue with squirrels invading my birdfeeder.  I have lots pictures and videos of that, mainly because they don't run anymore when I bang on the glass door, they just look at me and almost grin out of spite, then go back to ravaging the birdfeeder.  Haha, more on that later.

Anyway, there's a looooong history of crazy nuts in our family anyway, so it's perfectly fitting. I hope this can bring some smiles to you and light up your day most of the time, at least just a little. Thanks for reading!