Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vroom, tap, switch-a-roo, tap...

Loosely translated, that was the plan of virtually every single car on my way home from work.  It's really making me consider getting up at some crazy early hour just to drive into work and home in the afternoon at times that no one else is on the road.

Today it was pretty much like everybody (except me) had organized a zig-zag game of lane switching, and just for fun, the rules required that you do it within 4 feet of somebody's bumper.  And 2 feet gives you extra points.  And turn signals are OPTIONAL, just to make things more interesting.  And the more you tap your brakes, the better.

And that wasn't even rush hour.

It really does get to you after a while.  Time to seriously consider changing hours.

These are a few photos I've taken on my way home from work sometimes when the amount of traffic amazes even me.  Pay special attention to the other side, which is even worse.  Honestly, I don't know how the people in it stand to sit there like that every day.  Never fails to be consistently backed up every afternoon (with the exception of when a wreck completely blocks all lanes).  But in the year-plus that I've been making this drive, I've noticed even my side has consistently gotten more congested.  To the crazy point that it was at today.

(when the opposite direction was completely blocked by a wreck ahead, and the only traffic was entering from the entrance ramp)

...Now I'm at home unwinding.  Need it.

(Disclaimer:  These pictures are taken while driving, but all I do is hold the phone up and snap the camera button.  No watching involved.  Eyes remained on the road.)

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Wolfpack79 said...

Spect you are not alone in those feelings ... and, yes, it's hard to imagine that this is an everyday occurrence of stop 'n go 'n stop 'n wait 'n go ...

be careful out there !!