Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The past week or so

Besides all the snow, here are a few semi-interesting things that have been going on in the past week or so, in a more interesting picture format...

Enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise through RDU on my way to work.

Finally got assigned a permanent parking space at work... and of course, of all the open spots, I get the one with a tree canopy two feet above my roof.  Hooray for bird poop, little berries, and blooms that will undoubtedly cover the FJ soon.  Not to mention the lovely feeling of anticipation I'll have during thunderstorms at work, wondering if I'll have another crack in my windshield.  Can't wait.

One might say that being a corner, oversized spot is great... until you come back to work after the snowstorm and find that they've used your corner as the piling up point, and didn't bother to make room for most of your vehicle.  Good thing I wore my Goretex boots today, and good thing they have a good rubber toe for kicking blocks of snow.

Ahem, enough of that...

Incorporated breakfast for supper back into the meal plans.  YUM.
(Hooray for free Krispy Kreme donut coupons from people at work... and hooray for the store being only a few blocks away from work!)

Made a scrumptious chocolate pie, after J's continual requests

Totally enjoyed the still-warm pie - something we don't get to do very often at all... then shared this pic with Mom and Dad. :-)

Incorporated raisins back into my snacks... which brought back many fond memories of California Raisins from when I was little.  I had a complete set of toy figurines, and there's a picture somewhere at home of me and the Raisins at an NC State football game.  Gotta find that.

Caught a beautiful sunset through the airport on my way home... not so good with the camera phone, but hey.  Squint a little if needed.  I love the clouds.

Included cinammon rolls in our snow day breakfasts... special treat for us.  YUM.

Started cooking some fish... made some yummy salmon and mashed potatoes last night.  One of the prettier plates I've made, haha - I don't cook for presentation quite yet!
(I must say though, the fish oils I usually take are great because they don't give you fish taste later at all... definitely can't say that about eating the real thing!)

Hmm, do you notice a theme with all the food?  Haha, oh well.  Cooking (and eating) is fun.

I did have a snow video from the phone, but I need to change the file format later.  And the snow photos are on the desktop, so all that will come next time. Good news is though that I finally got J to try the Greek place near home, and he loved it... it is now one of our go-to place when we eat out. Who'da thought?

Taking photos throughout the days like this really makes me think about doing the 365 Photo Project - it's something I've read about for a while and have considered.  Just need to carry the small real camera with me, instead of relying just on the camera phone.  Just might start it up here soon.

I also got a lot of cleaning done at home during the snow days... much of it has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and streamlining is one of my big current goals.  And putting a big dent in that definitely feels good.  Now I'm in that groove where I feel the need to get in there and finish it all.  So truthfully, I should say... hooray for wanting to clean!

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Wolfpack79 said...

What is it about the cold, snow & being "cooped up" in the house that awakens the appetite? There was a day that all the sledding down the street & walks back up the hill were the reason(s) ... now - for me - I think it's simply the enjoyment of the meal. Ah, who's kidding who ... it's all about the chocolate !!