Friday, October 16, 2009

Glee Music

So I'm mainly writing this post to shamelessly share some tv music I think is awesome. :-) Is anybody else watching the new show "Glee" on TV? Don't know if I should be embarassed to say I watch it, but I do. And I love the music - it's my favorite part. Specifically the fact that they actually do some pretty cool songs. Some of the acting is pretty cheesy. Well, let's face it - some of the music is pretty cheesy too. Some songs are great, but others remind me of kids with no rhythm trying to rap, haha. And sometimes it's pretty obvious that it's studio recorded. I've read many places that the actors are in fact doing their own singing, but it's done in studio and dubbed over the acting. Guess we can't have it all. :-) Still, I've got mostly love for the music, and for the effort. So, I thought I'd share some of the cool music with ya.

I'm fully aware that this may only be confirming my nerdiness, but I'm ok with that. I embrace it. :-)

First, the song that was used in the advertisements of the show back in the spring, before they aired the pilot. The song is sung at the end of the pilot's airing, then we had to go the whole summer waiting for the actual "season" to start this fall - can we say tease. I have to say there are times after certain episodes that the plot seemed to be getting a little ridiculous, and I figured I'd be dropping the show off my weekly watching list. But so far, I think it's redeemed itself. So check out some Journey... (sorry the videos are just singing... there aren't any full versions out yet that I can find of the performances themselves, except for people videotaping their tv...)

Now, for some Queen! I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the male lead's voice (in Glee, just to clarify) - I can't quite place my finger on it. It's too... lightweight? Dunno. But still, A for effort. Anyway, the cover of the song is great...

And now, to continue in the spirit of the 80s rock (can you tell that's what I'm a fan of??), some Heart music for ya. This episode guest starred a lady named Kristin Chenoweth. I only knew her from seeing this tiny, dramatically weeping woman accept an award at the recent Emmys for a show that had just gotten canceled. But after a little quick googling just now, it turns out she's been in multiple Broadway shows. She's a classically trained soprano and, according to the great Wikipedia, has a range of 4 octaves and can reach F6 (that's reeeeally high...). Pretty much explains why she could sing so well in the songs she performed on Glee. Anyway, after that little tidbit of useless info, here ya go...

And lastly, one I totally enjoyed when it came on. They were doing mashups - combining 2 different songs into the same one. I didn't find the girls' version that great. But I love some Bon Jovi. I think woever put this arrangement together was very clever - they've got my applause.

Well those are my favorites so far, my own little tv/music "review," if you will. If you want to actually watch the singing, go here and you can watch full episodes with the performances.  Hope you guys enjoyed a little geekiness!

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Wolfpack79 said...

Not surprised that you like this one - at least from the music perspective. I was also sorta interested in this one ... at least based upon the first episode or two. However, I lost my viewing partner (she didn't really take to the show) and the show did take a few interesting "twist" away from the music so I've not seen the last several. Maybe I can catch up via the net or rely upon you for updates.