Monday, October 26, 2009

Potato Diggin'

Yikes, "update" - what is that?  Apparently I don't know how to do that.  It's because I've been endlessly digging potatoes for DAYS by myself...

Nah, just kidding. :-)

I got to go with my parents see my grandparents yesterday, and we made the annual trip to the sweet potato fields to do some digging.  The farmers come through and get all the top picks to sell, and they leave the rest.  Enter us, the folks willing to do a little labor and eat some unperfectly shaped potatoes... for free. :-) (By the way, if anybody wants some sweet potatoes, we've got PLENTY...)

We missed you Jacob!  Poo on schoolwork!

So we headed out with some rakes and LOTS of buckets...

 Farmer Joe!

 Staring out at the field - look at the beautiful fall colors starting to show!

 Ready to do some digging!

 What my rows looked like after I got finished with them, haha.

 My view from in the field...
Dad doing most of the bucket hauling - haha it was a loooong way!

Mom working hard... every now and then one of those would fall, then would start the process of bending to pick it up, dropping another one, and so on... :-)

Finally got them all. :-) Time to back head to the truck.

Alllllll the potatoes (minus Mr. Smith's one bucket)

Mom and me with Mr. Smith, my grandparent's friend, who took us to the field and helped us out

After we left the fields, Mr. Smith took us by his house to pick some greens for Mom to take home, and we got to meet Cricket, his sweet doggie.

Mom won't admit it, but she's a dog lover. :-)

Even Cricket helped us pick greens

Me and Cricket before we left - such a sweet dog
(and a handful of habanero peppers in my left hand, haha...)

Mr. Smith and his buddy

We headed back to the grandparents' house for some leftovers, and to hang out with Uncle Mike since he'd come into town while we were gone.

Doesn't get much better than this!

Me and Granddad
(courtesy of Mom the photographer...)

There we go, just needed a little zooming. :-)

One more before we leave - grabbed Grandmom for a picture. :-)

Well I was absolutely EXHAUSTED last night, and today.  But it was a great weekend, and even more so, it felt so great to do some hard work.  Some people would probably laugh endlessly at that statement, but I love it.  It feels wonderful, plus I enjoy it.  Eh, call me a nut, if you will. :-)

Holler if you need some sweet 'taters!

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Wolfpack79 said...

It was a good time ... just wish Gdad could've participated (b/c he really enjoyed the whole experience ... but mostly the sharing with others).

Hey all y'all Ez's out there in Idaho potato land ... guess you've got nothin' on us !! Mmmmmm, mmmmmm good !! Jealous yet ? If the taters don't make you jealous, then I know you're jealous of Gmom's vittles and that plate of food look at Mike loadin' up on a plate of 2nds) !!

P.S. Chocolate & Lemon pies for dessert (I was on overload) ...