Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sad Pillows

I found out how pitiful my old pillows really were. I'd known it for a while but put off replacing them. When I finally found some great new pillows last weekend, I did a comparison once they got home... and no, the one on the left is NOT sitting on a higher level - they are both on even ground. New is on the left, old on the right. So sad. But my neck and shoulders are now happy.

My sinuses are probably happy now too, based on what you can read out there about dust mites and all that nasty stuff that can get into your pillows and mattresses after a certain amount of time.  Ick.

So what's your record time for keeping pillows?  My old down one that's a standard size is still my head-prop second pillow, and I think I've had it since before college... so at least 8 years.  Ew.  Might be time to replace that one too.  And my foam contour one is about the same age - wonder if the same rules apply to the foam ones.  Haha, google, here I come for some research...

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