Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feel Better Food

When we get sick around our house, we like meals with some "umph" that will give us some energy and help our bodies fight off the gunkiness and grossness.  We usually try to eat much healthier and leaner, but meals like that don't tend to offer much relief when you have the energy of a groggy turtle and moving feels like your limbs weigh a ton each.  So sick meals turn into sort-of treats that we normally wouldn't have otherwise.  J has a cold right now, so I picked up some extra yummy items for meals this week.

For some lunches, I found this recipe on my cousin's food blog - Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie.  Haha, with a name like that, what's there not to like??  Apparently it's pretty widely known (even though I couldn't find it on my Bisquick box like the website said), but I've never made it before.  We both really enjoyed it - I definitely want to make it again, and experiment with some different additions to the recipe as well.  Here it is in my lunch container - probably not looking so appetizing here, but ignore the gladware and picture a pretty plate!  (Why yes, that is yummy cheesy goodness all on top...)

Hamburger helper (actually chicken helper for us this time) made the cut as well - always a favorite around here.  As spectacular as it always tastes though, it doesn't come across very appetizing in photos.

And last night was one of my personal favorites - always a comforting and yummy meal.  Ever since I first had these years and years ago, I've absolutely loved the taste of them - pigs in a blanket. :-) As soon as I hear it, I think of kid food and smile... but hey, I'm a kid at heart, so it works.

And what goes better with pigs in a blanket than mac and cheese??

Haha, only bad part is, I'm not sick.  But I'm still eating the yummy food - I can't cook it for the sick guy then not eat it myself!  So, gotta get my rear doing some activity and work it all off, haha.

But until then, it's most likely Stouffer's lasagna for tonight.  YUM.

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Wolfpack79 said...

Are these "lean" food selections? I'd think not since this is from the "Feel Better Food" section. Only thing missin' is chocolate pie or "double double death-by-chocolate" ice cream !!