Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Lees go camping

After finally uploading the photos, I can document the trip.  We've been meaning to get out and camp for a long time and never were able to make it work.  We had all the gear and were itching to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  So except for the not-so-great timing with the huge pollen explosion of the season that coincided with Easter weekend and our camping trip, we had a nice time.  Very relaxing, and so nice to get away from everything.

Day 1...

Love the tent - it can be completely sealed or can open all the way up to have a huge view of the entire sky.

Backpacking stove.

Trying out one of our MREs - actually was pretty good.  Reminded me of spaghetti-Os.

I love a fire.  So entrancing, peaceful, enticing, warm.

YUMMY breakfast.

Day 2, second location...

Beautiful lake view.

Afternoon visit to the lake.

Rainfly to keep all the condensation and crazy ants off the tent.

Gorgeous sunrise on the lake.

Morning light.

YUMMY breakfast, day #2.

Can't wait to get back out there.


Mary-Leah said...

Looks like so much fun - and what a beautiful and tranquil place! We love camping. Purchased a tent trailer a couple of years ago and it's been wonderful, if not a little tight, for our family of six! We plan to use it a lot this summer too.

Sarah said...

Oh boy was it ever - so peaceful. You can see the lake through the trees from some of the campsites, but to actually see it like in most of the photos, you have to walk down a really steep bank that basically ends at these really big rocks. Not exactly the best place to hang out, but I totally would if there was anywhere to sit back and enjoy the view.

Wolfpack79 said...

MREs !! Next time I expect J to catch your breakfast & dinner !!