Friday, April 23, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Camping

There are so many nice things about camping.  My favorite, by far?  The campfires.  The warmth, the crackles and pops... mmm.  I even took video so I could come back and watch and enjoy whenever I wanted...

But there are also some downsides.  My mom would be the first to tell you this.  Besides the fact that there is no A/C so why would you purposely stay out there, she'd tell you that the biggest downside is that even when you stay somewhere with a bathroom that has electricity for your hairdryer, it's not worth it because the hairdryer will inadvertently whoosh the air up to the ceiling and knock off the years of dust and dead bug carcasses resting on top of the lights and alcoves above, bringing it all fluttering down into your freshly washed hair, causing you to have to shower all over again in the public shower, which you were already grossed out at to begin with.  Haha.

Another downside?  Ticks.  On our first night out, I didn't think about shaking and brushing off every now and then.  So, on the day at home inbetween our two camping locations, I made a discovery and won the award for first tick of the season in the Lee household.  Yay.  Even got the head stuck and had to do some splinter-removal-type maneuvers.  Ick.  I cleaned it up really well, but the area is still slightly irritated.  If I was skin and I got picked and prodded at after having a nasty bug latch onto me for who knows how many hours, I'd be irritated for a while too.  Blegh - makes me shudder just thinking about it.  I definitely did a lot of picking up of my pant legs and brushing off the second time out.  I know, I know, I could walk around with my pants tucked into my socks and my shirt tucked into my pants and long sleeves... but I'm a little more cool than that.  Heh.  Plus it still leaves my shirt neck, which to me is just asking for a drop-in visitior anyway.  Oooh ok I'm shuddering again... moving on.

The last downside?  Injuries.  Jason is Mr. Boy Scout, therefore Mr. Be Prepared.  If I ever ask his opinion on if something should be taken somewhere with us, I usually already know his response (unless it's something trivial) - "I always say, be prepared!"  So, you'd think of all the things we took with us camping, he'd have brought his first aid kit that he's had for years and years, right?  Sure.  So, in the short time we'd actually been at the campsite the first day, all it takes is me getting the area on the picnic table prepared for me to make supper and moving some things around to pick up his lovely little axe and slice my little pinky finger.  So, you might ask - "Why wasn't the cover on?"  It was.  "Why were you picking it up by the blade?"  I wasn't.  "So what happened?"  Well I'm glad you asked.  It's a new one he got recently to replace his old, old, old one.  He'd just finished using this new one to split some wood and had put it back on the table, in its case.  All I saw was a case, so I glanced and grabbed for the main handle.  My pinky grazed the bottom of the head, where the very tip just happened to be sticking out.  After J exclaiming and wondering how in the world I cut myself on it and me having to adamantly show him the tip sticking out of the case, he finally realized... the case was on upside down.  Once turning it into its proper position... well, that looks a little better!  Now I just need to get a bandaid... Aaaaaand of all times for J to ignore his "Be prepared" motto, this turned out to be the one - yes, ONE - time I've ever known that to happen.  Greeeeat.  He figured all we were doing is camping, and what in the world would we be doing that we'd need a first aid kit for?  Well, just maybe in case I decide to go moving an axe not very carefully that happens to not have the case put on correctly!  Hmph.  At least this was why we did the first night camping near home - to learn the things we wanted to have with us, and the things to leave at home.  First aid kits?  Definitely needs to stay on the list.  But I made it through the night with napkin wrapped around my pinky finger, held on by a hair rubber band.  Now who's prepared for anything that comes? :-)

The day after - looks like my napkin/hairband combo let my platelets do their job!

I also managed to somehow smack the heck out of my forearm on the back of the Jeep.  You know Jeeps, with their random hard points sticking out every which-way... yeah.  No great photos of that, but man did it add insult to injury after my little pinky incident, plus added a whole lot of bruising and pain for the next 3-4 days.  It also earned me a nice comment from J on how clumsy I am and how I just can't escape injury.  Gee, thanks - tell me something I didn't already know.

Regardless of the downsides, I still can't wait to go back.  Campfires await me. :-)

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