Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The School Lunch Debate

I'm starting to see more and more about this being publicized, which is such a great thing.  I try my best to eat good, healthy foods that benefit my body, and I can't imagine wanting any different for my family, or for anyone else's kids for that matter.  I can remember sitting in school every day, and how hard it was most days to get through the afternoon classes without falling out.  And my school even had fairly wholesome meals, compared to what public schools seem to be offering these days.

If you haven't seen the blog I'm about to mention before, read up when you get a minute.  It's a school teacher that is eating the same lunch as the kids offered by the school cafeteria every day in 2010, to demonstrate the lack of nutrition and bad quality of food that the kids are having to digest and get through their day on.  And I was appalled when I first read that they only get 20 minutes - 20 - to get through the line, find a seat, eat, and clean up.  Twenty minutes.  Talk about indigestion.  Here is her blog:  http://fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.com/

I also saw an article talking about military recruits and how many kids today don't even meet the physical requirements because they are too overweight to even join.  They are targeting the school lunches as one of the primary reasons.  Now, we all know there are 2 other meals in the day plus physical activity levels that will lead to overweight issues, but the things they talk about in this article certainly are eye-opening.  It is ironic how they mention that years ago during the war, the issue was not obesity, but inadequate nutrition and stunted growth.  Now the issue is not the lack of quantity of food, but rather the lack of nutritional value and its affect on kids' health - physically and mentally.  Here is the article:  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_school_lunches_threat


Wolfpack79 said...

Haven't read the articles yet but using your comments as a guage, guess this'll ensure you & the classmates appreciate the "lunch ladies" even more ...

Sarah said...

Oh you know I already appreciate the lunch ladies... I happen to be related to a very special one! :-)