Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anybody else?

Anybody else despise the idiots in traffic that fly all the way to the front of a lane closure and bully their way in front of you with such speed and rudeness that you're force to slam on brakes as they weasel in line uninvited, lest you slam into them with no choice?

Yeah, me too.

Anybody else want to shake some common sense into the dummies that stop and sit in the middle of a free flow turn lane, looking back to their left to find an opening to merge into, instead of looking forward and seeing that there is an entire open lane in front of them?

I sure do.

Anybody else want to go put up a few more better-placed, bigger signs at said turn lane so that said dummies will have a better chance of seeing the already-marked free flow characteristic that awaits them ahead, giving the rest of us behind them that have a little common sense a chance to save on our brakes and gas?

I think I'll go get me some cardboard today and do that.

Happy Thursday!


Wolfpack79 said...

Putting up the cardboard signs might help you "release" the frustration but you'll have to have blinking lights & arrows to make folks look / pay attention !! Stay alert out there on the road.

jovial642 said...

Oh my gosh, that makes me so angry!