Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bonk on Your Nose

I found a good program on this computer to use for the videos, so hopefully that'll make it easier to get videos up and running on here. It certainly made today's a lot easier! At least I know now for the future to change my camera settings to not HD quality, haha, if I want to be able to post a video online, unless I want to go through the process on the computer, which still isn't that bad. (Sorry about the quality though - it kind of lost some detail in bits of the videos.)

So this first video is one of my favorites from the day spent with all the Ezzells. We'd finished eating, and it was that time when everyone just kind of hangs around and chats, which can often turn into the most meaningful part of a get-together, in my opinion. And it's when the funniest things happen. :-) We were all sitting around, scattered through the living room and dining room. Mr. Kaden was being a total ham and stealing the show, which we all totally enjoyed. I don't remember how it started, but he had started a little "pong" on people's noses. And it's so hilarious to me how everybody reacts (including guarding their eyes). He even came up to me at one point behind the camera and did it - haha, he didn't care one bit that he'd been told to look AT the camera. It's so cute when he says "Sarah?" He even got Granddad on the nose, which made us all laugh... and it was incredible to get to see them interacting. Then my brother tried to be a nerd and confuse poor Kaden, but Jacob turned into a softy and learned his lesson in the end. :-)

And these next 2 videos were of the guys shooting basketball... namely of Sir Kaden though, who was, of course, the star of the show. :-) I love to watch his little legs and feet scurrying in the beginning of this one to get the basketball. And, of course, the shooting itself is so cute. Watching it back, I get scared every time at the end at how close the ball looked like it was to coming back down right in his face when he threw it up in the air! But all was ok. Then, the funniest thing to me, which is true in just about any 2 year old, is how his attention diverts right to the sand toys. Basketball - what basketball?

Just a little different view here... I love his determination! I can only imagine how far away that basket must seem, but he keeps on shootin'! Then mean ol' Hayden (j/k) steals the ball and tries to give it back, but Kaden's already forgotten about it. So funny. :-)

(By the way Sydney, I totally understand now about uploading the videos... it takes quite a while! And these are compressed files!!)


MAMMA said...

I didn't even realize you took these! I am going to enjoy watching these over and over for sure! What a cutie!!

Crystal said...

hi sarah! hope you are doing well!! i found your blog on facebook!

Sarah said...

Yay Crystal - thanks for reading! Haha I'm glad FB worked for something. :-)

Sydney said...

Soooooo cute! I can't upload any of these! Can you share the program that you used to change the size? Is it downloadable? I need something to be able to post videos that are longer than ten seconds. Ugh.

Sarah said...

Hey Sydney - just following up here to make sure you knew, in case you looked here first - I wrote about what I used on your facebook page. Windows Movie Maker - it's the only thing I've been able to find so far to work for me.