Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kaden and Mickey

So, as mentioned before, my cousin's blog got me pretty interested in blogging myself. So what better way to start off my own than highlight the recent visit we got to have with them when they were in town? This will also be great for some people, like my parents, who usually don't get to see photos and video from events unless I take them over and we look at them, since they're not on the social sites.

Here's a funny little video to start with (and the only one small enough to upload until I have some more time to resize and edit, haha)

This was just a small clip of my cousin Sydney's son, Kaden, and his funny reaction to the dogs. Usually he had a little more warning than this, and could keep himself far enough away. But Mickey snuck up on him here, and I happened to have the camera rolling. His face just makes me laugh. :-) Maddy saves him from the oh-so-dangerous doggies, then Mickey proceeds to barrel back down the stairs and run SMACK into me. Haha, I think you even can hear my mom laughing in the background right at the end, as she witnessed the whole thing in full momentum. I just about fell over. Haha, I would say that maybe Mickey learned some manners from Jax (my brother Jacob's dog) from the end of the day... Jax is well-trained, haha, but thinks he's a little lapdog. I have yet to see him run into somebody, but he sure is a goof. So who knows. :-)

I'll post a little more once I have some more time. Sometimes I wish there was more time in the weekday!!


MAMMA said...

Yay! you are officially bookmarked! I love the video!

Sarah said...

Yay! Thanks Monica! I love it so far!

Sydney said...

HAHA! That is so funny! I love his face as he is already worried about Jax's proximity and then Mickey arrives without warning! So funny. Lol.

And I am glad I was part of the "help" that got you blogging too! :) I will definitely be checking back often. Keep it up!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Sydney - that means a lot! :-)

M-L said...

Sarah - these are awesome videos! I miss my Kaden SOOOO much so seeing him on video and hearing his little laugh is priceless. Thanks for posting this! :)

Sarah said...

ML - you are most welcome!