Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday TAGS 9-11-09

(NOTE:  While reading this beginning part, you might want to go down and click Play, then Pause on the videos - they apparently need a little time to upload and buffer.  If you get fed up with it, just right click on the video and click Watch on YouTube.)

So I've been bad at updating this during the past week.  I didn't even give you TAGS last week!  Trying to maintain my routine of work, working out, eating right, and getting to bed early while crossing things off my to-do list doesn't leave much time during the week for blogging.

Anyway, here's my Friday TAGS for today!  A real treat... a whole episode!  So sit back and enjoy, if you've got about 30 minutes... It's a great one, called "Rafe Hollister Sings."  Rafe is a backwoods farmer but has a great voice.  Barney thinks Rafe would embarass himself by auditioning to sing.  But Rafe at least sticks up for himself and goes anyway... so here's the first third of the episode.  It gets good about 2:30 in... "Hoo hoo yuck yuck!!" :-)  And "C'mon, pick-it-up, pick-it-up!" *snap snap*

So Rafe goes, he impresses, and Mayor Stoner (he was never my favorite anyway) and stuck up Ms. Jeffreys object to him being in the competition, since he'll embarass Mayberry by looking "unpresentable."  So they try to dress him up, haha, which still doesn't quite satisfy.  Part 2...

But the best part is the actual competition, when Andy's idea gets Rafe back in his element and surprising everybody.  I love to watch Andy play the guitar as well.  And the mayor finally smugly giving in and clapping too - so funny.  Perhaps the best part of the whole episode though, is the final scene.  Check it out. :-)

As someone else put it online, Rafe proves that "you can't judge a book by its cover."  Jack Prince, who plays Rafe, actually appeared in earlier episodes of the show playing different roles.  He was a trained vocalist in real life, and supposedly Andy wanted him to play a bigger role in the series, but Jack decined so it wouldn't take away from his singing career.  Great character though.

Hope you enjoyed!!


Wolfpack79 said...

Another one of the lasting impacts of "dear ol' Dad" !! Thanks for a great reminder of a classic classic AGS. Small lines like Rafe indicating that he wasn't moonshining ... "not so's you could tell" are typical of the lines we've regurgitated for years ... like the Rafe's last line - yawnt to (you want to). Curious ... wonder if Sydney has shared with any UAE friends? If so, guess they'll get a look at the NC remnants of the Ez fam. Doubtful but hope others checking this one out enjoy(ed) as much as I did - thanks!

Sarah said...

Haha Dad, those small lines you have to catch are my favorite parts of all.

I'm not sure if Sydney has shared TAGS particularly with UAE folks, but she has put a link to my blog on hers - it looks just like mine does on the right side where it links to her blog. So people reading hers can jump to mine and read it if they want. Haha, but I doubt many people who have never heard of TAGS would understand it without some sort of explanation. :-) I'd love to know what others think of it.