Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good story

Just a good story... and coming from a family involved in a lot of sports, it really hits home - both the facts that good sportsmanship still exists, and that a kid can turn things around and a coach can be a big help in that.


Wolfpack79 said...

Speaks volumes about the character of the kids & coach. I'm most impressed that the kid accepted the consequence of his actions and didn't play the "blame" or "victim" game. Hope he remains humble, respectful & appreciative of the 2nd chance afforded him ... even tho' not with a program with significant exposure.

Sarah said...

I completely agree Dad - and it's neat how things are working out for him, with some more well-known schools starting to show interest. And I love how the coach is putting himself out there and offering to tell the scouts what the kid is really like, instead of just looking at a record. Just makes me smile. :-)