Thursday, September 3, 2009

NC State vs. South Carolina

(Photo courtesy ESPN)

Well everything this week has been leading up to tonight's game, at least in Jason's world. :-)  All week he's been asking if I'm ready for Thursday.  (Me:  "What's Thursday again?"  J:  "NC State!!!")  Yesterday he was howling like a wolf.  When I first saw him this afternoon, he was chanting "N.... C.... State...... NCState!" over and over.  He even wore his State hat to work today.  Yeah, he was excited.

...He's no longer excited.  In fact, he's been yelling at the TV since the first quarter.  Mr. Wilson (pictured above, right) is not doing well, nor are his teammates.  J is talking to the TV and telling the coach who he should be taking out, and saying that he wishes he could be the one giving the halftime speech, talking about how much better of a job he could do to amp them up.  I actually think he'd do an awesome job at that. :-) State just intercepted a pass, then went on to drop it continually.

Anyway, I guess my brother didn't make such a bad choice after all (like I thought he did a few hours ago, when he told me he'd FORGOTTEN to claim his FREE STUDENT TICKET to the game... which he could have given ME!)...

You guys over in Idaho have a home game on ESPN coming up after this game!  Enjoy!

We just got a first down and you could actually hear the wolf howl in the stadium... we'll see how it goes.  It's still the third quarter, and I'm not staying up late enough to finish it.  But, to show my continual support no matter what...


PS - Daddy, today would be a good day for your first comment, since I actually wrote about the Wolfpack! :-)


Wolfpack79 said...

Looks like those early years of tailgating @ NCSU football games with Mr & Mrs Wolf and wearing red & white had a lasting affect after all !! I'm proud of ya (in a Briscoe Darling voice).

We'll have to provide a proper education for the remainder of the Idaho family ... since they are clearly quite color blind as witnessed by that awful display of light blue worn while in NC recently.

Wishin' I had gone to bed early last Thursday night ... I coulda used J's pep talk !! Guess I'll need to jump on the Boise State bandwagon ... just need to always wear a helmet around OR football fans ...

Sarah said...

HAHAHAHA Dad, you funny :-)

MAMMA said...

Hi Sarah!!
(This message is to your Daddy)

Welllll.... How about if we do THIS... I will root for NC State in football, but you let me have a little leeway during basketball! I will root for State in any game that is played against anyone besides UNC, Duke or Gonzaga. I can become a State fan (I think) even at my age! - Good ball is good ball! - Then by control of the remote, we can try and turn the BOYS!!! It will be tough, but if I have to watch a few more games then I guess I will just have to love it, um, I mean suffer?
:-) Love, Monica