Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to September (and a little Mosquito Reasoning)

Happy September everybody!

Well I was attempting to write a post cataloging the bridal shower I went to this weekend, but it's taking FOR-EV-ER to upload photos, so that's going to have to wait for another night.

I'm actually thankful, because I was able to actually work out tonight and get a lot more done than I would otherwise, seeing how I was supposed to have a meeting tonight with work... but that got rescheduled, yay, so I was actually able to be home and do my own thing today.  And on that note, I should probably still get to bed at a good time, since I can't seem to find/think of anything worth posting right now that doesn't involve endlessly waiting on my pictures to upload. :-)

Maybe some of you, like my brother in particular, would be interested in the following article.  Apparently there's a reason behind why some of us aren't too particularly bothered by mosquitos, and why those pests happen to LOVE certain other people.  And no, it's not because you're "just sooooo sweet!"  Here's to hoping they'll come up with this new all-natural repellant before this weekend when I go to the beach (aka Mosquito Island)...



Sydney said...

That's an interesting article! I am one of those people who are eaten alive. When we were at the beach, I got 17 bites and no one else had more than 1 or 2. Kaden and Stu each had NONE. Ugh. Even with almost a half a can of OFF!, I was bitten like crazy. It sucked.

Sarah said...

I know, my brother got eaten alive this weekend at the beach. I didn't get bites, but the no-see-ums had me itching like CRAZY - under my clothes, my scalp, everywhere. I felt like a dog, scratching so much. Yuck.

MAMMA said...

Sydney didn't just get eaten, she had some of the biggest misquito bites I have ever seen on a person! 1/2 dollar sized and red and swollen - it was weird!! Poor Sydney :-(