Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stop that Weddin'! - TAGS 9-27-09

So, I'm still not keeping up with my Friday TAGS.  Maybe it should just be every-now-and-then TAGS. :-)

This is just a short clip from my favorite episode of the show - Mountain Wedding.  Ernest T. has been harassing the Darlings, trying to get Charlene to marry him, when she's already married to Doug.  But it was a civil ceremony, not done by a preacher.  So until then, Ernest T. thinks she's not rightly married and he still has a chance.  So Andy and Barney come up the mountain to try to get rid of Ernest T., but he keeps on persisting and annoying them.  So the preacher comes by on Sunday to perform a wedding ceremony, just to satisfy all, and they anticipate more trouble from Ernest T.  This clip is from their ceremony, and it's a song I've always loved, especially from the first time hearing it here.  Right after this song is when Ernest T. fires his gun, pops up out of the brush, and yells "Stop that weddin'!"  He grabs the bride and runs off with her, soon finding out it was Barney dressed up to trick him.  Such a great episode.  And a great song.

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