Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stop that Weddin'! - TAGS 9-27-09

So, I'm still not keeping up with my Friday TAGS.  Maybe it should just be every-now-and-then TAGS. :-)

This is just a short clip from my favorite episode of the show - Mountain Wedding.  Ernest T. has been harassing the Darlings, trying to get Charlene to marry him, when she's already married to Doug.  But it was a civil ceremony, not done by a preacher.  So until then, Ernest T. thinks she's not rightly married and he still has a chance.  So Andy and Barney come up the mountain to try to get rid of Ernest T., but he keeps on persisting and annoying them.  So the preacher comes by on Sunday to perform a wedding ceremony, just to satisfy all, and they anticipate more trouble from Ernest T.  This clip is from their ceremony, and it's a song I've always loved, especially from the first time hearing it here.  Right after this song is when Ernest T. fires his gun, pops up out of the brush, and yells "Stop that weddin'!"  He grabs the bride and runs off with her, soon finding out it was Barney dressed up to trick him.  Such a great episode.  And a great song.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good story

Just a good story... and coming from a family involved in a lot of sports, it really hits home - both the facts that good sportsmanship still exists, and that a kid can turn things around and a coach can be a big help in that.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lovely Rainbow

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post much lately.  I really want to be posting more - it's just a lot to do in one day.

However, I did want to show this before I went to bed - check out what I was treated to when I walked out of the gym this afternoon, after a day full of rain and mugginess (this first is my cell phone pic from outside the gym)...

It was so bright and large that it really took me by surprise.  So beautiful.  So after the quick 1/2 mile drive home, I ran in and got the real camera.  This is my view looking out my front door...

It also had a rare second rainbow...


I love how I'm always reminded of God's promises in the beauty of the rainbow.  It's such a precise, gorgeous thing in nature.

EDITED on 9/24 - Wow these photos do not look nearly as good today on a different computer - I think my monitor at home made them look a lot better.  Way too bright - I apologize.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Illegal Community College

Well, it's happening.  We've been hearing about it for a while, but here ya go.  At least our governor actually is against it (yes, I actually agree with something she said)...

A little different info, and a video:

Please tell me what sense this makes.  Please.  Because I can't see any whatsoever.  People ignore the most obvious word in the very phrase they're using over and over - ILLEGAL.  But hey, what do I know?  I'm not a politician, driven by my own agendas.  Hey, why should I care about the best interests of our state's citizens??  I'm not a member of some Board, like the Board of Community Colleges, or the Board of Transportation.  What would I know?  You have to be a lawyer, or developer, or politician to know that stuff, right?  Those are the people qualified to be on those Boards, not someone who is actually involved in the subject matter... (please note my dripping sarcasm...)

I'd love to know what anyone reading this thinks.  You probably know my stance, but I'd love to know any other opinions.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cute Baby Photography

Thought some of you who like the cute factor, or just interesting photography, might enjoy this:

Friday TAGS 9-11-09

(NOTE:  While reading this beginning part, you might want to go down and click Play, then Pause on the videos - they apparently need a little time to upload and buffer.  If you get fed up with it, just right click on the video and click Watch on YouTube.)

So I've been bad at updating this during the past week.  I didn't even give you TAGS last week!  Trying to maintain my routine of work, working out, eating right, and getting to bed early while crossing things off my to-do list doesn't leave much time during the week for blogging.

Anyway, here's my Friday TAGS for today!  A real treat... a whole episode!  So sit back and enjoy, if you've got about 30 minutes... It's a great one, called "Rafe Hollister Sings."  Rafe is a backwoods farmer but has a great voice.  Barney thinks Rafe would embarass himself by auditioning to sing.  But Rafe at least sticks up for himself and goes anyway... so here's the first third of the episode.  It gets good about 2:30 in... "Hoo hoo yuck yuck!!" :-)  And "C'mon, pick-it-up, pick-it-up!" *snap snap*

So Rafe goes, he impresses, and Mayor Stoner (he was never my favorite anyway) and stuck up Ms. Jeffreys object to him being in the competition, since he'll embarass Mayberry by looking "unpresentable."  So they try to dress him up, haha, which still doesn't quite satisfy.  Part 2...

But the best part is the actual competition, when Andy's idea gets Rafe back in his element and surprising everybody.  I love to watch Andy play the guitar as well.  And the mayor finally smugly giving in and clapping too - so funny.  Perhaps the best part of the whole episode though, is the final scene.  Check it out. :-)

As someone else put it online, Rafe proves that "you can't judge a book by its cover."  Jack Prince, who plays Rafe, actually appeared in earlier episodes of the show playing different roles.  He was a trained vocalist in real life, and supposedly Andy wanted him to play a bigger role in the series, but Jack decined so it wouldn't take away from his singing career.  Great character though.

Hope you enjoyed!!


Found this photo and liked it very much.  I'm sure many of you have seen it.

I won't bombard you with photos and words.

Just remember. And be thankful.

(According to Google, this photo was taken by 1st Sergeant Dave Jobe of the
Marine Corps Baker Company as a tribute to their fallen comrades.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NC State vs. South Carolina

(Photo courtesy ESPN)

Well everything this week has been leading up to tonight's game, at least in Jason's world. :-)  All week he's been asking if I'm ready for Thursday.  (Me:  "What's Thursday again?"  J:  "NC State!!!")  Yesterday he was howling like a wolf.  When I first saw him this afternoon, he was chanting "N.... C.... State...... NCState!" over and over.  He even wore his State hat to work today.  Yeah, he was excited.

...He's no longer excited.  In fact, he's been yelling at the TV since the first quarter.  Mr. Wilson (pictured above, right) is not doing well, nor are his teammates.  J is talking to the TV and telling the coach who he should be taking out, and saying that he wishes he could be the one giving the halftime speech, talking about how much better of a job he could do to amp them up.  I actually think he'd do an awesome job at that. :-) State just intercepted a pass, then went on to drop it continually.

Anyway, I guess my brother didn't make such a bad choice after all (like I thought he did a few hours ago, when he told me he'd FORGOTTEN to claim his FREE STUDENT TICKET to the game... which he could have given ME!)...

You guys over in Idaho have a home game on ESPN coming up after this game!  Enjoy!

We just got a first down and you could actually hear the wolf howl in the stadium... we'll see how it goes.  It's still the third quarter, and I'm not staying up late enough to finish it.  But, to show my continual support no matter what...


PS - Daddy, today would be a good day for your first comment, since I actually wrote about the Wolfpack! :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to September (and a little Mosquito Reasoning)

Happy September everybody!

Well I was attempting to write a post cataloging the bridal shower I went to this weekend, but it's taking FOR-EV-ER to upload photos, so that's going to have to wait for another night.

I'm actually thankful, because I was able to actually work out tonight and get a lot more done than I would otherwise, seeing how I was supposed to have a meeting tonight with work... but that got rescheduled, yay, so I was actually able to be home and do my own thing today.  And on that note, I should probably still get to bed at a good time, since I can't seem to find/think of anything worth posting right now that doesn't involve endlessly waiting on my pictures to upload. :-)

Maybe some of you, like my brother in particular, would be interested in the following article.  Apparently there's a reason behind why some of us aren't too particularly bothered by mosquitos, and why those pests happen to LOVE certain other people.  And no, it's not because you're "just sooooo sweet!"  Here's to hoping they'll come up with this new all-natural repellant before this weekend when I go to the beach (aka Mosquito Island)...